I am very excited to report on the progress we are having with the Red Nose Reader program we are test piloting for the Clown Summit this year!

We are partnering with the local Head Start program to promote literacy and an anti-bullying message. I am happy to say we have been welcomed with open arms! We have a ton of local schools waiting for us to come with our readers! WOW!

We are currently working on continued branding our message, finding a simple volunteer background check,  getting promo materials created, and getting a supply of books.

We already have a test script/program ready, information packet for the teachers, Facebook page, letter for the parents, and a fun coloring page for the kids to take home. We hope to be in the schools by early Spring.  

A lot of discussion will take place at the Clown Summit, and that will be folllowed up by a lot of decisions and planning.

But did you know that something will ALREADY BE DONE before you even leave camp?

The Red Nose Reader program is something we will have COMPLETE and READY for you to take home and use in your community as soon as you finish your week at Mooseburger Camp. This is an example of the efforts we want to see happening at the Clown Summit.

We are so excited to be offering this program in the afternoons at camp this year, which means everyone can attend it regardless of which main course you take. that's right -- you can become a Red Nose Reader without attending the Clown Summit! You'll get all the training you need plus a certificate of completion. You can take this program into your libraries and schools and spread the joy of clowning to the next generation!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a ready-made program to take home? Yes! Here is our chance to educate a new generation of children on the joy of clowning AND get them excited about reading. We are working out the details for this new program.

I have two great Mooseburger Camp Alumni Marie Mavencamp and Denise Barnaal using their skills as former classroom teachers in helping me put together a program that will be fun for kids and educate adults as well. Remember me saying there are generations of people afraid of clowns? That’s right some of them are now teachers. We need to turn the tide, and Red Nose Readers is part of that effort that the Clown Summit is focused on. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. 

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