What is the Red Nose Reader program?

The Red Nose Readers Program promotes literacy and anti-bullying by inviting a certified member to read a book to students and transform into a friendly clown right in front of their eyes.

It is our hope that this experience will: prevent children from forming a fear of clowns, show them that it’s okay to be different and creative, and encourage a love of reading.

Exposure to a real clown early in a child’s life gives them the understanding that there is an actual person underneath the makeup. Building that awareness and sensitivity to a person’s feelings may help them think twice about judging by appearances and being a bully.

The first classroom visit will begin with the Red Nose Reader introducing themselves to the students and telling them a little bit about real clowns followed by a quick transformation with makeup and red nose to turn the reader into their clown character.  They will share some silliness and a fun story.  It concludes with answering questions from the class.

Students go home with a coloring sheet and letter to share with their families about the clown’s visit.

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