Birth of a Non-Profit


I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, like running away and joining the circus, moving to California, starting a clown costuming business, moving back to Minnesota, starting a clown arts camp, costume shop, remodeling a building with no experience just a lot hope and great friends. This doesn't even touch on my community theater experience, the Irish Washer women, and all those trips driving cross with a van and trailer before cell phones! 

This later idea might take the cake! I decided it was time to start a non profit for all my crazy educational ideas! The most recent being Red Nose Readers Program.

• Step One - Pray a lot and keep praying.

• Step Two - Tell people you trust your crazy idea and try to get them to talk you out of it. 

• Step Three - After they won't talk you out of it get them to help you!

• Step Four - start collecting as much information as you can on Non-profits and talk to a lawyer!

I am very excited that the Red Nose Reader program is on track to be launched at Mooseburger Camp 2019. Then it will be available to the clown public.